Kisan Urea

Kisan Urea is a surprisingly concentrated, solid, nitrogenous fertilizer, containing 46.0% Nitrogen. It is absolutely soluble in water consequently Nitrogen is without difficulty to be had to plants.

It carries Nitrogen in a milder shape which modifications to ammonical bureaucracy and is retrieved with the aid of using soil colloids for longer duration. Urea is to be had in granular shape and may be carried out with the aid of using drill and broadcasting.

Kisan Urea is preferably appropriate for all styles of plants and for foliar spray which immediately gets rid of nitrogen deficiency.Kisan Urea additionally has a robust and durable impact on crop ensuing in bumper plants Carbonic acid found in Kisan Urea enables in absorption of different vitamins like phosphate and Potash with the aid of using roots of crop.